About Us

Company Overview
Sun Tech Solutions, Inc. provides a variety of computer hardware, software, networking and communication products and services. Sun Tech has been the professional retailer of computer components and accessories. Over the years, we have successfully expanded our product line to include maintenance and repair services, VOIP communications, and federal and state government solutions. At Sun Tech, we carry a wide assortment of computers, motherboards, CPUs, drives and storage systems from the industry leading brand names. We are passionate, determined and devoted to our business. We are developing and growing every day! At Sun Tech, we strive to be your one stop consultant and turn-key solution provider.
With customer satisfaction being our primary focus, we are committed to developing innovative products. We do so by acquiring a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. With open minds, we develop innovative ideas with cutting-edge technology. We know our customers always have a choice, and we thank you – our valued customers for choosing Sun Tech Solutions, Inc. for your computing needs.
We are committed to cultivating a high-performance organization in which trust and respect for individuals are the norm and passion for customers are the paramount.We promote a company culture centered on teamwork, results, accountability, speed, and agility.We believe in unlimited potential of every employee and will encourage personal growth, professional achievement.