VOIP Introduction
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a set of systems and technologies by which voice information can be delivered over the Internet. Services like Skype,Magicjack can bypass the traditional phone network in order to offer huge savings on international calling.
Cheap Internet Calls
Make cheap international calls using a broadband Internet connection. Call from your computer with a VoIP-enabled phone or mobile, or even use your existing home phone with one adaptors
Free Calls Between VoIP Users: Invite your friends and family to sign up for VoIP accounts and calls between you will be completely free!
Features of VOIP
Make and Receive Calls Anywhere
Say goodbye to roaming charges — VoIP is a truly mobile phone service. Make and receive calls for the same rate, wherever you are in the world
No Contracts or Monthly Fees
Just like our award-winning Direct Dial and Calling Card services, you pay for what you use,no contracts, no monthly fees, no hidden charges
Use Existing Broadband Connection
You don’t need to change your Internet provider to use VoIP, and you don’t need any special equipment
Voicemail Plus
Never miss a message again. Access your voicemail from anywhere in the world with your device, our website, or via e-mail
Make Internet Calls
The best way to make international calls from your landline or mobile.
You wll been given a unique, local landline number to dial for each contact that will connect straight through—no account numbers, no PINs, and if nobody answers you won’t pay a penny.